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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Partisan Bickering Goes Nowhere

By Andrew Gasser, Tea Party in Space

There comes a point in time where the "old way of doing things" just becomes obsolete. This can be said of the industrial complex or unions. This could be said of both Democrats and Republicans. The dogma that plagues debates and shuts people down is destructive.

The massive mis-information campaigns against ordinary citizens, not to mention issues such as space policy is sickening. There is nothing wrong with trying to reshape our space program when it has had such poor performance. Everyone has excuses why Project X failed or Mission Y was canceled.

The system is broke — and simply throwing money at the problem does not work. It only strengthens crony capitalism. Moreover, in case you missed the memo, the United States is very broke. We simply cannot afford SLS, CxP, Shuttle, and JWST. Something needs to change.

Things like COTS/CRS, the CCDev program, with SAAs are a change that is working. Of course you will have those who simply go on rants or tirades about how they are not, but then we simply look to events to see that they really are.

Finally, the fact that people will not support COTS/CRS, CCDev, and SAAs merely because President X or Assistant Administrator Y are from Party Z is petty, myopic, and childish. TEA Party in Space does not care who came up with the idea, only that is it a viable solution to a problem.

People can continue to get on their soap boxes and continue their diatribes, but the truth is the programs that is COTS/CRS, the CCDev program, and SAAs are working and people from both sides of the aisle can take credit for it.

There is more than enough work to accomplish — this petty bickering between the left and right has got to stop or you might as well surrender space to the Russians and Chinese.