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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Simple Look At The Presidential Race

There's a lot of wasted words about the Presidential race this year. Therefore, we're going to boil it down to essentials. Simplification makes the issues clear.

The boom years from 1993-2001 saw a Democrat, Bill Clinton, in the White House. The economy was strong, government spending rose sharply, the stock market was strong and the unemployment rate was very low. Taxes were higher, but the economy was strong enough to withstand the stress of higher taxes. His term ended with the economy heading into a recession that showed up after Bush the Republican took office.

Under Bush the Republican, who ruled from 2001-2009, taxes were lower, government spending rose sharply, the economy was in decline, the stock market was in decline and the unemployment rate rose. His term ended with the economy having fallen into the largest recession since the Great Depression and heading for Great Depression III (the first Great Depression occured during the Nineteenth Century and the second during the Twentieth Century).

Under Obama the Democrat, who will have ruled from 2009-2013, taxes stayed low, government spending rose sharply, the economy was flat on its back unable to recover much from the depression it had fallen into during the previous Republican Administration. The unemployment rate fell, but only because of demographics (Baby Boomers retired) and job seekers who had given up and had fallen out of the labor force simply became uncounted non-persons because there were no jobs available for them. Obama's first term will have ended with the economy sliding back into recession once again. An objective observer would note that the Republicans had broken the economy so badly that the Democrats weren't able to put it back together again before the next election rolled around. But, Obama the Democrat is also to blame for currying favor providing stimulus money to party cronies, thus wasting over a billion dollars when he could have created new jobs by stimulating the economy.

So, you say you're favoring one over the other. The facts show that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans should be considered for the job—unless the job involves wrecking our country!

Our conclusion: whether the Republicans steal the election by stuffing the ballot box, or the Democrats retain the White House should the election not be stolen, the outcome will be pretty much the same: more recession, fewer jobs and a continuing slide into third world status for America, a nation whose biggest business comes from its Department of Warmongering and endless wars.