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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Biggest Liar: Obama or Romney

Boiling the race for the White House down to its ultimate essential: the winner will undoubtedly be the biggest liar.

It's beginning to look like NBC's most popular reality show. Step over Biggest Loser: the Biggest Liar is on top now.

CNN Money says:

Part of Mitt Romney's pushback against President Obama's Bain Capital attacks has been to highlight Solyndra, the California-based solar panel maker that went bust after blowing through a $535 million Department of Energy loan (plus far more in private equity funding). Basically something along the lines of: "I'm not the only one with some bad investments on his resume, and it's better to squander private equity than public equity."

It's one thing to spin something to one's advantage. It's another to simply make things up to make the other guy look bad. Romney's Solyndra speech was an example of the latter. Disgraceful.

There are plenty of well-documented cases where Obama has lied. So, why would Romney simply make things up? Did he think no one would check his own lies?

American presidential politics has gotten so bad that it's surprising anyone is going to vote.