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Monday, June 11, 2012

China Lies About Its Pollution

According to Climate Progress, China is not only the world's largest polluter now, it's lying about just how much pollution it creates. Estimates are that China is putting 20% more pollutants than they're willing to admit into the atmosphere we all share on Spaceship Earth.

This may be one reason why the climate models are underestimating climate change right now. It's the old Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO) conundrum.

Discrepancies in reported pollution data are a common problem in China. Officials in the country have been repeatedly called out for using shoddy methods for measuring air pollution, calling "hazardous, emergency-condition" levels of air pollution "minor." China's pollution reporting has been so poor, the government has called on other countries not to release its national air quality data.

The explosion in Chinese carbon emissions is mostly due to a stunning rise in coal consumption. More than 70 percent of the "gap" comes from burning coal. And a large chunk of that coal is coming from the United States, where producers are looking for new international markets to offset the decline in domestic consumption.

The US Embassy in Beijing makes its own measurements of air pollution every day and announces them to the public. The China government has asked politely for them to stop. Wonder why?