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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Evil That Is Germany Today

We all know Germany as the most evil country of the 20th Century. Being responsible for the deaths of millions in the first two World Wars was bad enough. But, to come back and attempt to shirk their duty in the 21st Century proves that Germans were not only evil in the last century, but they remain evil in this one.

We should have known that they would be back to spread their evilness: they refused to pay reparations for either of the wars they started in the last century. Now, they insist on destroying Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and any other foreigners who dare to suggest that the German people are responsible for the problems in the Eurozone.

It's time the world stood up to the Nazis who are still in control of Europe after all these years. Germany should be held accountable. The United States has forces based in Germany who should take control of these out-of-control monsters. It's time the US simply took control of the country and appointed sensible leaders who will lead Europe out of its nightmare, rather than dragging the whole of Europe — and the rest of the planet, including US — down into the muck of German evilness.