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Friday, June 29, 2012

Falling Like Flies: Solyndra 2?

The Republicans were all over Obama when Solyndra failed. That's despite the fact that it was actually on George Bush's watch that the deal was made.

Now, it appears that Solyndra 2 is here. According to the Associated Press, "Abound Solar was to build solar panels at the factory near Tipton and eventually employ 800 to 1,000 people. That was part of a $400 million federal loan guarantee announced by President Barack Obama in 2010 for company expansions in Indiana and Colorado. The Colorado-based company said Thursday it will file for bankruptcy, citing stiff competition from companies in China."

Maybe the problems these solar companies are having doesn't have anything to do with who's occupying the White House. Maybe the problem is that we just can't compete with the Chinese? American business used to be superior, but not anymore. It's become fat and lazy, dependent upon bribes to legislators and presidents in order to conduct business.

Maybe the Republicans should start criticizing who's really at fault for our failure to compete?