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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Is A Republican

President Obama should be seen for exactly what he is and that's a Republican. His policies differ so little from the bushes that occupied the White House that he cannot be considered to be a Democrat.

First, there was the Obamacare bill and the biggest unconsitutional provision in the bill was the “individual mandate.” You may not realize it, but that was originally a Republican position. When Clinton introduced the health care bill in 1993, the Republicans introduced an alternative which included the individual mandate — which got no support from the Democrats and only lukewarm support from even Republicans.

Flash forward to today and we have the individual mandate, which is so unconstitutional that a fifth-grader could tell you why. But, even if it is shut down by the Supreme Court tomorrow — which it will be if the court is not just playing politics — the penalty for an American citizen simply refusing to buy health insurance is supposedly a $100 fine. And, if the fine is not paid? Nothing. Anyone who doesn't pay the fine can get away with it. The IRS is supposed to collect it, but the Obamacare law specifically says the IRS cannot use any means to collect the fine. So, the individual mandate, which everyone hates and is clearly unconstitutional, is unenforceable anyway.

Obama is also acting like a Republican when it comes to leadership in protecting America. Like Bush, Obama is having his “Katrina Moment.” After drastically cutting back on funds to pay for firefighting aircraft, he has seen a massive wildfire in Central Texas destroy millions of acres of private property and thousands of homes in 2011. Now, only one year later, history is repeating itself and a small fire which broke out last Saturday is out of control and threatening to destroy the second most populous city in Colorado.

Obama is not only an amateur like Bush, he's an incompetent Republican.

There's no reason to vote this year. If you actually do vote, your only choice is going to be Obromney, a president who will push failed Republican policies which are designed to destroy our country from within.

And, they are succeeding.