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Monday, June 04, 2012

Obama's Sell Out To Big Oil

Obama talks a good line, but it's actions which make the man—er, puppet.

Clean energy has been gaining a big advantage over dirty oil. We're burning oil a million times faster than Nature took to produce it. When Big Oil says they “produce oil,” they're really saying they extracted the oil that's already in the ground. They didn't produce anything, they simply took what was already there and sold it to you.

But, the price of solar panels has been coming down so fast that Big Oil is worried. After spending vast amounts of money to convince the gullible that climate change is some kind of strange conspiracy (what kind of fool would believe that?), they have failed to keep the truth under wraps—polls show that a rising majority of the public is convinced that Global Warming is for real. Well, when you're getting cooked in the summer, it's hard to ignore the obvious. Or, when the tornadoes are miles wide and travel hundreds of miles destroying and killing everything in their path, even the morons among us figure it out. The truth is that burning fossil fuels is eliminating our future—and it will be stopped one way or another. It will be stopped sooner if consumers have an alternative energy supply that's even cheaper.

This is where political power comes in and Big Oil isn't short on that account. By persuading the Obamination in the White House that they need help, the government is planning to raise tariffs on imported solar panels 31% later this year (to take effect after the election, obviously).

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