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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pay Now Or Pay $1,240 Trillion Later?

“Pay me now, or pay me more later” should be a key point in understanding why slowing Global Warming will save money in the long run. So many vulture capitalists like the CEO of Exxon-Mobil are trying to delay action to slow the rate of Global Warming for selfish reasons. They want to make their money now at the expense of future generations—and that should be illegal. People who deliberately profit from the misery of our children and grandchildren should not get off scot free. They are sabotaging our future—likely leading to the deaths of billions of people—by their greed.

But, we can't punish them for crimes they are committing against humanity, apparently. “He who has the gold makes the rules” still applies. This is why true environmentalists should take action now as vigilantes to make sure global warming denialists don't have a say in corrupting our one and only planet.

So, what kind of costs are we going to pay if we continue to allow the denialists to have their way? Only rough estimates are possible, but one credible estimate is that Global Warming is going to cost us $1,240 Trillion (that's 1 240 000 000 000 000 US dollars). It just makes sense to take action now to prevent having to pay that enormous sum of money.