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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fracking The Dead

Big Oil & Gas has found a new supply of fossil fuel: cemetaries. It turns out that they're not just mining dead dinosaurs anymore for the oil. They're fracking cemetaries for shale gas:

It's been confirmed. Nothing is sacred anymore. First, residential homes and churches, then parks and playgrounds, now this? Graveyards? I'm afraid it's true. Hydraulic fracturing (or the abbreviation thereof, known as fracking) companies are now targeting the final resting places of your loved ones for plundering the earth in the name of natural gas.

Essentially, I don't think there's anything wrong with the activity of fracking when it's controlled and as environmentally non-invasive as possible. The caveat is that it is invasive, and the industry's record isn't quite squeaky clean when it comes to certain environmental concerns surrounding the fracturing of shale. The earthquakes in Ohio, for example, contaminated drinking water for another. While natural gas companies continue to rebuke and deny these reports, there is no doubt that something murky is going on with respect to environmental issues when it comes to shale gas extraction.

Apparently, plenty of energy is stored directly underneath old bones, and horizontal drilling can supposedly extract it without disturbing the dead's plotted corpses. Great, but what about the bereaved who frequent graveyards in homage to the past or those who have passed?