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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

On Our Nation's Birthday, Traitors Abound

The USA's birthday today should remind us all of the traitors who live among us. And, it should remind us that these enemies can bring about the destruction of our country if not stopped.

Who are these traitors? They are the Global Warming deniers who are making possible the destruction of our climate by preventing solutions from being implemented.

What does the future look like if we don't stop Global Warming? Well, it looks a lot like what we're now seeing: increasing droughts, heat waves, city-destroying wildfires, powerful hurricanes and miles-wide tornados. The level of CO₂ is rising to and above 400 ppm (Parts Per Million), and our top intelligence analyst in the Defense Department, Thomas Fingar, tells us:

By 2025, droughts, food shortages and scarcity of fresh water will plague large swaths of the globe, from northern China to the Horn of Africa.

For poorer countries, climate change "could be the straw that breaks the camel's back," Fingar said, while the United States will face "Dust Bowl" conditions in the parched Southwest. He said U.S. intelligence agencies accepted the consensual scientific view of global warming, including the conclusion that it is too late to avert significant disruption over the next two decades. The conclusions are in line with an intelligence assessment produced this summer that characterized global warming as a serious security threat for the coming decades.

Floods and droughts will trigger mass migrations and political upheaval in many parts of the developing world.

There are going to be massive wars over food, water and energy as our overextended human population reaches the limits to growth.