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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Parable For the Planet

Here's a situation in which two young children lost their lives because the adults failed to act on warnings. It's a parable for our planet, where the adults are failing to act on warnings about limits to growth:

Family, friends and neighbors placed flowers, teddy bears and handwritten notes at the fence of a home on Wagon Bend Trail as a makeshift memorial to the two lives lost.

Earlier Tuesday, two small children died in a house fire. Fire crews say the boys were 5 and 7 years old. Calls came in just after 3 a.m. for a house fire along Wagon Bend Trail, just south of East Stassney at Interstate-35. When crews arrived, they immediately conducted an aggressive search for the young victims, but were unable to save them. "We were aware, from bystanders, that there were possibly victims in the house. We began an aggressive primary search while knocking down the fire," Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Thayer Smith said.

Officials say a truck caught fire due to an electrical malfunction and the fire then spread into the garage, which was converted into a bedroom where the two boys were found. "We did make some resuscitation efforts however, it was determined that they were not viable and they've been pronounced deceased at the scene," Austin Travis County EMS spokesperson Johnnie Hall said.

The 2001 Ford 1-50 where the fire started has been recalled numerous times for fire-related problems.

Yes, Ford recognized the problem seven years ago and issued a recall. The recall notice warned F-150 owners not to park their vehicles close to a structure because it could spontaneously catch on fire and the fire could spread to a nearby structure. Which is, of course, exactly what happened.

This is exactly what is happening to our planet. And, the adults in charge are doing nothing other than blather about the problem.

Will we see Earth go up in smoke?

Original story: 2 children die in accidental house fire.