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Friday, February 01, 2013

Dept of Energy Head Resigns

Steven Chu has resigned as head of the Dept of Energy in the Obama Administration.

Under Chu, the agency gained a new focus on energy, having before focussed on nuclear reactors and the fuel that went into them. Chu apparently went against his Big Oil masters who captured the big government agency and still control it to this day. If Chu is an honorable man — and there's no evidence he isn't — his was a thankless job. That's because Big Oil has spent huge gobs of money buying off government bureaucrats to suppress real energy breakthroughs. It's certainly a job we wouldn't have wanted. This country is run by interests whose long term goal is the extinction of most of the human race. Don't believe us? Do your homework and you'll soon see that Big Oil know full well that we are on a path to human extinction on this planet. And, they are really so selfish that they don't mind killing their own children.

Hopefully, the new boss, whoever he is, will be a strong man capable of cleaning house. We'll know if massive layoffs are announced. Otherwise, we may be in for more Big Oil control of the DOE in the future.