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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Austerity: The Secret Plan For World-Wide Serfdom

The elite austerians of Europe love it. Why? They really think they know better than the majority. That messy thing called democracy has only interfered with their ability to govern the unwashed masses in their view.

And so it goes. They've had free rein in Europe for the last five years, with Germany clamping down with austerity on their neighbors like the Nazis actually won World War II. Hitler lives again in Germany's Merkel. And the serfs are suffering as the economy bleeds.

Clearly, austerity has been proven to be the worst of all possible plans. And, now, the austerians want America to feel the pain.

Austerians have been relying upon the work of economists Reingard and Rogoff to justify their austerian policies. Now, it seems that someone has looked closer at Reingard and Rogoff and found they made egregious math errors in their work which invalidates their conclusion. In other words, they cheated to make it appear that austerity would actually bring prosperity. That means that even the academics should now admit to the falsehood of austerity as a policy. The math simply does not work. Austerity is a failure both theoretically and in reality.

Of course, austerians will never admit to being wrong. It's like the policies of dictators. Once policies are put into place, they will never admit to making a mistake.

This is why Revolution is always the best defense against governments which have gone too far in the wrong direction. The threat of Revolution from an armed militia of citizens is a strong defense against austerians. It's the saving grace of America when it comes to the rollback of individual rights. It's why the Second Amendment is the defense Americans rely upon from being abused by the Nazis in Europe.