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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Consistent Profits

Investors want consistent profits. Well, do we have a trade for you. And, as an extra bonus, Flash Crashes have no effect upon this strategy.

We have found that a spread trade where the MidCap Index (S&P 400) is bought and the LargeCap Index (S&P 500) is sold short, one contract per side, has yielded a gross profit of $47,445.50 over the past nine years with just one minor loss during that entire stretch. It's all in spreading, a strategy that floor traders have used for many, many years to “bring home the bacon.”

To find out the details for free, take out a subscription (yes, it's really free) and we'll tell you all about it Monday evening in our Subscriber's Notes.

Oh, we should mention that the exchange margin requirement for this position is just $1,650.