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Sunday, May 12, 2013

USA's Intelligence Gap: Threat To the Country?

We've documented before the declining level of intelligence in the USA. The US Army has been giving recruits tests for well over a hundred years. Up until the Korean War of the Fifties, recruits scored well on the test.

Then, something started going badly wrong with the USA. Recruits' test scores started trending down on a consistent basis. Was it the widespread advent of TV? Or, something else? Whatever the answer, today's recruit typically fails to meet the minimum requirements for the Army.

Another sign of this problem is that the average USA resident seems to equate Climate Change only with rising temperature. They are not being told by the popular media what Climate Change really means. Perhaps the media itself doesn't understand. Slate magazine's After Cold Winter, Some Americans Decide Climate Change Is a Hoax After All probes the sad state of the USA today:

March was pretty cold this year, and you know what that means: Global warming is a hoax!

OK, that isn't actually what it means. But for a depressingly significant number of Americans, the nippy weather was apparently reason enough to decide that climate change isn't a real thing after all. Yale's latest survey of public opinion on climate change found that the percentage of Americans who believe global warming is happening has dropped to 63 percent from 70 percent just last fall. This is the unfortunate corollary to the post I wrote last July, when tornados and scorching temperatures were driving belief in climate change to the highest levels since 2008.

If the public can be so misinformed about the greatest challenge facing the human race, maybe the idea of democracy was basically a bad idea from the beginning. Maybe we need to replace the Constitution with a computer? Who knows, it might do a better job than Congress!

Wait, who are we kidding? Of course it could do a better job than Congress!