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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Goodbye, Miami

Miami is Number One now—in more ways than one. Miama is Number One on the list of major cities which will be inundated and destroyed by the rising ocean (see Why the City of Miami Is Doomed to Drown). And, it's not alone on that list. London, Boston, New York and Shanghai will follow as they are vulnerable to that same unstoppable threat. In the not too distant future, these seaside cities will be underwater graves.

What will future generations have to say about a civilization that committed slow suicide? Well, how do we remember Mexico City? The city was built on a lake bed surrounded by tree-covered mountains. It became a fast-growing, modern city. In the rush to provide housing for immigrants, the surrounding forests were cut down to extract wood to build houses in the city. Eventually, a hurricane hit the city and dumped massive floodwaters into the city built in the middle of a lake bed, destroying the entire city. The trees which had slowed and absorbed storm waters previously were now gone.