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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Solar Now Cheaper Than ANY Fossil Fuel

Our Dream Come True: Solar Power is as Cheap as Gas, Coal Plants Closing Slashing CO2 Emissions tells the story of solar power and highlights the fact that solar is now cheaper than any fossil fuel:
David Eves, the CEO of Public Service Company of Colorado, announced that solar power is cost competitive without subsidies or carbon taxes at their large new project in Colorado.
“This is the first time that we’ve seen, purely on a price basis, that the solar projects made the cut — without considering carbon costs or the need to comply with a renewable energy standard — strictly on an economic basis,” Eves said.
The cost of solar power has plummeted in the past decade.

The cost of renewable energy is now so low that coal is uncompetitive before taking into account the huge environmental costs of burning coal. Colorado's CO2 emissions are being slashed at no cost to consumers. Years of government and private investment are paying off. Renewable energy incentives will continue to be good investments because they are paid off by job growth and savings in health costs and environmental damage, but in this case they were not necessary.