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Thursday, October 17, 2013

USA: The Dysfunctional Country

The USA is in its last stages of life, as proven by the following dysfunctional signs:
  1. The stock market is hitting record highs on an economy that's likely in recession. The last time that happened was in 2007. Get ready for a crash coming up.
  2. The bellwether stock in the market is IBM. It's down 6% today alone.
  3. The government of the USA is lurching from one manufactured crisis to the next. Expect a government shutdown again within 3 months. One of these days, the country will default on its debt and it will be “GAME OVER.”
  4. Capital is fleeing the USA — getting out while the getting is good. China is scared and dumping its US bonds as fast as it can. It won't be fast enough to save them from the coming devaluation of the US dollar.
Look for the dollar to collapse next year as the USA finds its proper place—the trashcan.