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Friday, November 15, 2013

Climate Deniers Must Pay $90,000 For ‘Not Acting Reasonably,’ Court Rules

It was in New Zealand, but it's probably going to happen in the USA before too long. It's like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Normally, one would have free speech. But, maliciously trying to harm society comes with a cost as climate deniers found out:
A New Zealand group dedicated to downplaying the existence of climate change has been ordered to pay close to $90,000 in court fees for bringing a "faulty" lawsuit that had sought to invalidate data that proved the country's temperatures were on the rise.
The New Zealand Court of Appeals ordered The New Zealand Climate Education Trust — a group that seeks to "reflect the truth about climate change and the exaggerated claims that have been made about anthropogenic global warming" — to pay fees to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, an environmental science research firm. The lawsuit claimed that NIWA was unethically and intentionally misinterpreting temperature data to promote the idea that climate change was happening.
But Justice Forrest Miller ruled that the Trust was "mounting a crusade against NIWA and was not acting reasonably," according to a report on Radio New Zealand. "We never doubted the excellence and integrity of our science," NIWA Chief Executive John Morgan said in a statement announcing the win. "Our scientists and have always rigorously defended the robustness and professionalism of our work."

Perhaps the deniers will be convinced of the seriousness of our predicament by focusing on what's real now.