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Saturday, November 30, 2013

End Financial Terrorism, End the Fed

President Andrew Jackson famously declared, “The bank is trying to kill me. But I will kill it!”—and he did kill it.

That was in the 19th century and the central bank of the USA was killed.

It's time to kill it again. The monster central bank known as the Federal Reserve was reborn exactly 100 years ago. The Federal Reserve is on a campaign to destroy, not only the President, but the American people. It's the Number One Terroristic organization in the world today. Its policies are designed to destroy the middle class while making the ultra-rich even richer. Anyone who doesn't see this just hasn't been awake. For decades, the Fed has executed bubble-blowing policies which have resulted in the vast majority of the wealth in the USA being transferred from the poor and middle classes to the ultra-rich class.

Shame on the American people for allowing their liberty and their wealth to be stolen by a group of banksters! It's time for housecleaning. First, let's vote against re-electing any of our current Representatives and Senators. Throw the whole lot of them out of the DC. Failing that, it's time to arm ourselves for revolution.... and—

End the Fed!