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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Proudest Achievements Are Above Us

Today, the Chinese spacecraft called Chang'e 3 landed on Luna. It carried a rover called Yutu (“Jade Rabbit”) which rolled onto the lunar surface from the lander hours after touchdown.

“Been there, done that” Obama should cringe. In the last few weeks, India launched a spacecraft to Mars, due to arrive at the Red Planet in September. Now, China has a spacecraft on the moon. What do we have? A space station in Low Earth Orbit? A few robotic probes to Saturn, Mars and Mercury? Where are the humans living and working on other planets? After all these years, we should have had a city on the moon named Luna City at the very least.

It's no wonder we have a dysfunctional economy, a dysfunctional central bank, a dysfunctional House of Representatives, a dysfunctional Senate, a dysfunctional White House and a dysfunctional education system. We have been looking down. It's time to start looking up again. What will we see in the heavens above? A Jade Rabbit.