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Monday, December 30, 2013

QE Infinity and the Zombie Apocalypse

When the Fed finally realizes that tapering QE is an impossibility—the Zombie Apocalypse has already arrived in the form of a comatose economy which is supposedly “growing” at a fake GDP rate of 4% per year—we will get a glimpse of the future. And, it's not pretty. The Fed is the driving force in the economy and the stock market today. The fat cats of the corporate-government hegemony—what President Eisenhower identified as the Military-Industrial Complex—are suckling at the teats of the Fed printing press, while the vast majority of citizens are barely scraping by. Any pullback in the river of money will inevitably suck the life out of the stock market.

And, then what? Untaper and top up the river to keep the stock market from crashing. That won't help the vast majority of Americans who know the truth: the economy went into recession years ago and has yet to emerge from it. it's a “contained recession.” And, it will last forever until the people rise up and destroy the facilitator of this “slow depression.”

In untapering, the Fed may simply succeed in re-animating the zombie fat cats for their next feast upon the body of America.