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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Government Thinks It's Smarter Than the Market

Tomorrow, it will be illegal to manufacture incandescent light bulbs. The government has decreed that these bulbs, which give off 90% of the electricity used to power them as heat (and which can be used as a supplementary space heater), must not be imported nor manufactured henceforth—even if the desireable supplementary heating produced by these bulbs must then be supplied by another energy source.

It's obvious to even the most science-illiterate that the government has become the coercive intermediary between the consumer and the producer, not just in light bulbs, but in diverse market environments. The alternatives to the incandescent bulb are inferior, which is why it takes the coercive power of the state to change market behavior. One of the alternatives—fluorescent bulbs—contains the highly-toxic element mercury. These bulbs will be disposed of with the regular trash, polluting landfills and waterways in which trash is currently dumped and creating a health hazard. Another alternative is the LED bulb. While proponents of LEDs claim a long-life, actual experience with these bulbs shows that the LED bulb has a shorter life, on average, than an incandescent bulb (this is due to the fact that heat destroys the LED bulb).

The market will have the last laugh, though. Advancements in energy production will soon create a hybrid incandescent which is even more efficient than the alternative bulbs. Will the government continue to coerce producers when this more desireable alternative is made available? Probably so. Government never admits it's wrong, of course.

In terms of scientific advancement, the government has become the troll at the bridge, exacting tolls on those who wish to cross the bridge. The government has been purchased by the fat-cats who benefit from the money-printing being done by the Federal Reserve. The money flows out of the Fed, into the banks and into the stock market, where it flows to corporate balance sheets and record profit margins. At the same time, the vast majority of Americans lose ground financially.

It's not hard to see the future. The hard part is knowing which year will bring the next revolution which overthrows this corrupt system. Our guess is 2016.