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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can Solar Power the Planet?

Each day our planet receives, in just one hour, more solar energy than the total amount of all energy we use in one whole year.

Obviously, the sun is the solution to all of our energy problems for a long time to come. All we have to do is capture that solar energy and put it to work.

The French know this. They are proposing to create an Airbus-type pan-European company to speed up development of solar power. The Europeans are scrambling to eliminate nuclear power by 2022 and they certainly don't want to go back to dirty energy using fossil fuels.

Airbus has been Europe's great success and has grabbed considerable market share from Boeing, the American airline manufacturer. So, it stands to reason that Europe could grab market share with a pan-European solar manufacturer. The real key to success in solar, though, will come from storage, a subject we've dealt with here quite extensively.

France President Francois Hollande told journalists last week that it could be a “beautiful alliance” and added:
Germany has a head-start in renewables, but we have our vanguard in energy storage and power grids, We have to work together to expand new industrial branches. We are very proud of Airbus, now we want joint action for the energy transition.