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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How Foreigners Can Take Over the US Government Without Firing a Single Shot

The Supreme Court of the USA has ruled in Citizens United that corporations have the same rights to contribute to political campaigns as regular persons.

That ruling has opened up the possibility that foreigners can take over our government.

While some would hold that the government has already been bought and paid for by corporations, most would be aghast if the USA were bought and paid for by, for instance, Chinese corporations. But, that's exactly what the Supreme Court has opened the door for. Moreover, what's to stop a country — for instance, China — from buying up our politicians via corporations controlled by their government?

China already holds a huge cache of dollars which have piled up from the balance-of-payments deficit with the USA. Why wouldn't the Chinese use those dollars to pay for US politicians to take their commands?

Does this make the Supreme Court a terroristic organization?