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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fossil Fuel Fails

We just got a call from the Environmental Defense Fund. We told them straight out that the fossil fuel interests are failing. They are failing not in the halls of government, where they own the regulators. They are failing in the market, where they are losing money at an enormous rate.

Then, we saw the latest blog from Damn The Matrix, an excellent blog from Mike Stasse out of Australia. The rout has begun ... and continues:

Following Shell's February decision to sell its Australian refinery as well as 870 petrol stations to Vitol for $2.9 billion, BP is now following suit, shutting down its Bulwer Island refinery in Brisbane with the loss of hundreds of jobs.
Andy Holmes, president of BP Australasia, told a press conference in Melbourne that "the refinery was being closed because the emergence of major export-based refineries in Asia operating on a lower cost base had "transformed the industry". What, not Peak Oil?
Mr Holmes said he did not believe that today's decision would affect Australia's energy security. After all, the refinery only processes 101,000 barrels of oil per day, according to the BP website. and what's 12% of Australia's consumption got to do with reality?
According to BP, the sale was part of a global move away from "downstream operations". It also sold refineries in the United Kingdom and Europe. I wrote just last month, 2014 was the year many pundits forecast would be the beginning of the long decline from civilisation. and the rout is on. Australian Workers Union Queensland secretary Ben Swan says the decision has come as a "horrible shock" to workers. REALLY?? It's no shock to me. what's wrong with these people? They should really start reading my blog to get proper information!
Wayne Swan (remember him?) apparently said "there is no "adequate" explanation for why the plant is suddenly non-viable, as the company says." I think I better send Wayne a copy of this post ...
We don't have to fight the fossil fuel industry. They are losing due to simple economics. And, you ain't seen nuthin' yet, folks!