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Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Sabotage New Jobs

In 2012, a great law was passed called the JOBS Act. It aimed to create new jobs by making it easier for startups to get financed. It was the best thing that the Obama Administration could have done to Jumpstart Our Businesses.

Two years later and what do we have? Well, government apparatchiks in the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) got their claws into the law and have prevented the JOBS Act from creating new jobs. Surprise, surprise! Good intentions gone bad, as usual. The SEC has been bribed by existing businesses to prevent the law from working. They know that competitors are bad for profits and have sunk money into turning the tide of new jobs. And, they have succeeded.

This is just another example of why the USA is a failed country. When big businesses control the government, you don't have a democracy, or even a republic. You have a corruption called oligarchy. That's why voting for either a Democrat or a Republican in any election is simply an exercise in futility.

A more complete description of what's happened to the JOBS Act is here.