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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Prosumer Revolution in Energy Heats Up Down Under

One of our favorite bloggers, Mike Stasse, writes about the movement toward going off-grid in Australia. Apparently, the economics are greatly favoring those who have solar installations going off-grid now:
I know I only wrote about The Electricity Industry's Death Spiral just a couple of days ago, but the speed at which things are now moving is almost bewildering. The subject of disconnecting from the grid and moving to battery storage actually made it to the evening news last night I wish I could post a link to this video clip, but it looks like the ABC isn't playing ball. In truth, the owner of the system did such a bad job explaining how it works I doubt installers will be rushed off their feet just yet.
The new government has been simultanously trying to rollback the carbon tax instituted by the previous government and raise energy prices as well. As Mike points out, “So if people in Qld lose what paltry feed in tariff they were getting, what incentive is there to stay connected?” Indeed, the prosumer revolution is alive and well and bound to grow stronger Down Under.