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Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Reason Why Texas is the Armpit of the USA

Over the years, we've seen many instances of idiocy in Texas (the current idiot-in-charge is Rick Perry), but the new Texas Voter ID law has to be the most insane law of all. Years ago, Texas had a poll tax whose only purpose was to disenfranchise poor people. It worked very well in keeping the poor from voting. But, then, the Supreme Court ruled, surprisingly, that requiring a voter to pay for the privilege was illegal.

Today, the Texas Voter ID Law has replaced the poll tax. And, the law has been upheld in court (so far). It keeps the poor, who disproportionately do not have the right kind of identification, from exercising their right to vote. The supporters of the law, the current ruling class in Texas, claim that voting fraud is being prevented by this law. In truth, they are the ones committing voter fraud by keeping the poor from voting. Eventually, the Supreme Court will rule this law is as unconstitutional as the poll tax. But, for now, the law is in effect and will help the ruling class maintain their iron grip on Texas.

Does a 93-year-old veteran get to vote in the current election? No, according to the law, his driver license has expired and therefore he's not eligible to vote anymore. What they're saying is that he lost his rights when his driver license expired? Are you kidding? Why isn't an expired license just as valid for authenticating his identity? He certainly didn't become a different person when the license expired, did he?

The ruling party of Texas (they were once called “carpetbaggers” after the Civil War, by the way) is simply daring true patriots to eliminate them at the polls or in the courts in coming years. It will be a turn for the better for Texas.

In the meantime, we have the prospect of a crashing economy in the State of Texas to look forward to in 2015 and 2016. Guess who will get the blame? Yes, indeed, the ruling class is going to come crashing down with the economy. And, rightly so.