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Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Percentage of Americans Are Idiots?

Newsmax conducted a poll of Americans, asking whether they think Global Warming is a hoax. Fully three-quarters of respondents said, “Yes, global warming is a hoax.” The other quarter said, “No, it is a real threat.”

What does this say for America? It says the country is going down the drain very quickly now. Being unable to recognize an obvious threat to our survival means that we have lost our ability to survive as a species on one of the best planets in the Universe. It won't be a habitable planet much longer if the idiots get their way, which it appears they are doing.

Is it the fault of the government that so many idiots exist in America today? After all, the government operates most of the schools in this country and if anyone is responsible, it's the government. Perhaps we should require global warming denialists to attend special schools to learn the facts. We should certainly require those in school to take tests assessing their ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

The most frightening conclusion is that in a representative democracy, three-quarters of the voting public simply is too moronic to be allowed to vote.