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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cap-and-Trade: A Liberal Boondoggle Which Won't Stop Climate Change

When a politician tries to convince you that we need Cap-and-trade to stop Climate Change, the first thing you should wonder is who's stealing from the public. Cap-and-trade simply will not stop Climate Change, but it's going to make some group rich at the public's expense. As James Hansen, who first alerted us to the dangers of Climate Change way back in the Eighties, says:
Liberals accept the reality of climate change, but then propose remedies that are ineffectual and confirm the fears of conservatives. Liberals refuse to give up on the "cap-and-trade" approach of the Kyoto Protocol, even though it was completely ineffectual.
Cap-and-trade will never be accepted by conservatives, who can characterize it as cap-and-tax. Liberals in Australia adopted a cap-and-tax, and, as expected, when conservatives took power they threw it out. Fee-and-dividend, in contrast, would stick, as most people come out ahead financially and all witness the benefits to the national and global economy and the environment.
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