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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Batteries Need To Triple Capacity

For batteries to make sure electric vehicles eliminate fossil fuel ones, Stanford's Yi Cui says that:
Right now, batteries cost about $300 per each kiloWatt-hour of capacity. For the two largest use cases (electric vehicles and on-grid storage), we need that figure to drop to about $100 per kW-hr in order for the technology to compete with fossil-fuel-powered cars and generating facilities. For the grid, where the batteries are stationary, it doesn't matter how much they weigh. But for a more effective electric vehicle, we'd like to see the energy density rise from its present 200 W-hr/kg to about 600 W-hr/kg.
That's tripling the capacity while cutting the price by two-thirds. A pretty tall order.

Not too tall. Batteries with even higher capacity are on the way. Stay tuned. ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) are dinosaurs soon to be scrapped and mostly forgotten. Along with oil companies, auto manufacturers (most of them) and many other relics of the technological past. We're approaching a new Golden Age of Cheap Energy.