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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Shape of Things To Come

Some of the critical climate issues that need to be headed off within the next 20 to 30 years if massive impacts are to be avoided:
  • The loss of all summer sea ice in the Arctic;
  • The large-scale triggering of the melt of peri-Arctic permafrost (likely irreversible once started);
  • The mobilisation of the melt of Arctic ocean permafrost and clathrates;
  • The melt, destabilisation and loss of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet;
  • The destruction of the bulk of the world's coral reefs;
  • The acidification of the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean to the point where organisms with calcified shells cannot survive;
  • The flooding and disruption of the small island states;
  • The spread of the Sahara into Southern Europe and the Middle East and the large-scale extension of many desert systems globally;
  • The large-scale conversion of the Amazon forest to grasslands;
  • A severe ramping up of extreme weather events;
  • Extreme food shortages;
  • Very large-scale refugee movements; and
  • Serious risk of climate wars.

Source: Safe Climate Restoration Scenarios