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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Global Warming: Stronger Than Ever

Deniers will deny it, but they've proven themselves better called liars than deniers.

Weather pattern Government, named by Decoded Science, has been dumping huge amounts of rain accompanied by numerous tornadoes on Texas. This is causing flash flooding in a state which has been suffering from drought for several years. Is this a consequence of global warming? Yes, it is.

Global warming's effects go beyond just making the temperature rise. One effect is stalling the jet stream in place for many days, or even several weeks, at a time. Thus, the weather you get just keeps on keeping on. Government is just the latest version of a stalling in the atmosphere caused by global warming. A few years ago, global warming caused the average summertime temperatures in Texas to reach levels normally seen in Tucson, Arizona, or about 115° day after day. Normally, midsummer temperatures in central Texas only reach about 95°, so we saw a 20° rise in daily maxima. That was another example of the effects of global warming. Now, Government is forcing a trough in the upper atmospheric winds to dump rain for weeks at a time, overflowing drainage systems which were never designed to handle such extremes.

Since we know that burning fossil fuels is the cause of global warming, we should be demanding that those who have caused this disaster pay for it. But, of course, that would only be the right thing to do. It won't happen because those who own fossil fuels are protected by government from the effects of Government. Ideally, government should seize the assets of fossil fuel companies to protect citizens from further damages. We don't think keeping oil in the ground is the right answer, however. Oil is good for many other uses that don't involve burning. Adding CO2 to the atmosphere just isn't something any sane race would condone.