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Monday, May 04, 2015

Going Off-Grid in Hawaii

Electricity from the local utility in Hawaii is so expensive that customers can save money by cutting the cord. According to Siddharth Dalal, SolarCity Fires Warning Shot At Hawaii Utility: The Future Is Here:
As the Tesla Gigafactory progresses and prices drop further, it will make solar plus storage a very compelling solution. Any utilities making noises about eliminating net metering will soon have to face a behind-the-meter solution that will significantly reduce consumption from the utility and the utility will lose the solar power provided by the consumer.
It is a lose-lose proposition for the utility. For places like Hawaii, where power is very expensive and the utility was delaying solar connections to the grid, going off grid is now a viable proposition. Maybe they knew exactly what was coming when they approved all the delayed applications recently. Now SolarCity has fired their first warning shot directly at the Hawaiian utility inviting customers to go off grid starting next year.