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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama's Hypocrisy Exposed Again

Over the years, we've noticed a tendency for Barack Obama to say the right things and do the wrong things. At first, it could be rationalized as an inexperienced politician trying to maximize the approval of citizens. But, it became clear that this man is an inveterate liar who sold his soul to the highest bidder. His blather is not to be believed.

With Global Warming having been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt as the major challenge for the continuation of life on Earth, you would think the president would be fighting the fossil fuel industry on every front. Sadly, the ethical sham that is Obama is proving he's a chameleon whose colors are set by who's next with bribe money.

The latest proof comes from Obama's approval for Shell to drill in the Arctic. We don't need more oil and we certainly don't need more climate change in the Arctic. Obama will go down in history as yet another corrupt politician who should have been spending more time in the Big House than in the White House.