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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Utility Scale Solar Is NOT Cheaper Than Residential Solar

The utilities would like for you to believe that they can do solar cheaper than you. But, it's not true.

Questioning Solar Energy Economies of Scale, 2014 Edition points out that while installing solar arrays is cheaper in quantity, the cost of delivering that power to consumers eats up all of the cost savings over residential solar. Undoubtedly, the utilities are fighting for their lives with customers defecting from the grid more and more by installing solar+storage on their rooftops and cutting the cord. Utilities want to convince politicians that they know what's best for consumers and make it illegal for individuals to switch to distributed generation of electricity. And, they're going to lie to protect their monopoly.

Yet more reason that consumers should demand government subsidies to help install their own solar panels and batteries to cut the cord with the electric utilities.