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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday's Results In The Wall Street Bucket Shops

#SubscriberNotes have been updated on the website. Equities approaching a bottom, apparently

Solar and Wind Just Did the Unthinkable

Bloomberg New Energy reports:
The sun and the wind continue to defy gravity.
Renewables just finished another record-breaking year, with more money invested ($329 billion) and more capacity added (121 gigawatts) than ever before, according to new data released Thursday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
This wasn't supposed to happen. Oil, coal and natural gas bottomed out over the last 18 months, with bargain prices not seen in a decade. That's just one of a handful of reasons 2015 should have been a rough year for clean energy. But the opposite was true.

The momentum toward sustainable energy is too powerful to let cheap fossil fuels derail it now. The majority of our electricity will be generated by solar power by the 2030s. Note that wind power originates in energy pumped into our atmosphere from our fusion power reactor in the sky.