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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's Results In The Wall Street Bucket Shops

#SubscriberNotes have been updated on the website. Does platinum lead gold? We look at history for evidence tonight.

NIRP Coming Soon? (Video)

Can you imagine a retirement fund that earns less than 0%?

Negative interest rates may soon arrive in the United States—which means you could be “taxed” on previously interest-paying investments, such as CDs, savings accounts, and US government bonds.

Several European countries, the ECB, and now Japan have already established a NIRP (negative interest rate policy).

Fed heads from Janet Yellen to Stanley Fischer have stated they may be in favor of it if the economic situation in the US “warranted” it… which, as we all know, could mean anything.

Two of Mauldin Economics’ top editors—Tony Sagami and Jared Dillian—sat down for a video interview to discuss their thoughts on the possible advent of NIRP: